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TPC receives ISCC Plus certification to produce sustainable LDPE, EVA and PP.

TPC is excited to share our milestone achievement of attaining the ISCC Plus certification from ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) in April 2023 via mass balance approach.

The mass balance approach is prevalent in the chemical industry because sustainable raw materials are typically blended in the manufacturing process and this approach allows us to assign the share of sustainable raw materials to produce our circular, bio-circular and bio-based products.

With climate change being a global issue, ISCC Plus certification is becoming increasingly important for the polyolefin industry as consumers and regulators place more emphasis on sustainability.

By obtaining ISCC Plus certification, TPC aims to accelerate the transition to a circular economy with the utilization of recycled materials and differentiate ourselves with improved environmental compliance, thereby paving the way towards our sustainability goals.

Overall, ISCC Plus certification will help TPC build trust with stakeholders, demonstrate our commitment towards responsible business practices and assure customers that our products meet sustainability standards.

Our ISCC Plus certifications can be viewed at: