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Corporate Events

Sumitomo Chemical Charity Walk

TPC together with Sumitomo Chemical Group Companies (SCS, SCA, SCAP, PCS, SSS, SCES and SCAS) and South West Community Development Council (CDC) jointly organized the Sumitomo Chemical Charity Walk on 25 July 2015 (Saturday).

The objectives of the event were to provide opportunity for interaction among employees of Group Companies and to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The event was also part of the celebration for Sumitomo Chemical 100 years’ Anniversary and its effort to give back to the society.

An amount of $30,000.00 was raised from the event and presented to the South West CDC by the Group Companies. The funds raised will contribute towards the enhancement of green spaces in Singapore as part of the Garden Celebrative Fund Project organized by South West CDC.

The walk spanned an estimated distance of 2km which started from Alkaff Mansion at Telok Blangah Hill and ended at the Hort Park. The walk brought participants through the picturesque Forest Walk and Canopy Walk – bridges that cut through the Adinandra Belukar, a distinct type of secondary forest. The participants saw a rich variety of flora and fauna, observed birds in their natural habitat and captured the beauty of wild flowers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project With Queenstown Secondary School (QTSS) – Communal Lunch Event

TPC collaborated with QTSS in CSR programme in a communal lunch event which was initiated by students of QTSS for the needy elderly in Redhill Garden Housing Estate and students from Movement for the Intellectually Diabled of Singapore (MINDS).

The objectives of the event were to allow QTSS students to have an opportunity to plan social activities for the needy elderly and MINDS students, as well as to create opportunity for interaction between elderly and students. With the participation by the Company in the event, it will provide a platform for our employees to engage in community work and contribute to the society.

Our employee volunteered their services in the event on 29 August 2015. During the event, our employees interacted with the elderly as well as assisted in the making of terrariums. Upon completion of their terrariums, the elderly were entertained with a series of games and performances put up by the students and teachers of QTSS. Lunch for the elderly was served by students of QTSS together with students from MINDS. Apart from performances put up by the students of QTSS, the elderly and students from MINDS also entertained the participants with songs and dances.

  • Sumitomo Chemical Charity Walk

    25,Jul 201511

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project With Queenstown Secondary School (QTSS) –Communal Lunch Event

    29,Aug 201510