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Logistics - Supply Chain Management (SCM)

It is our unwavering commitment to ensure stable, timely distribution of quality products to our valued customers in the region and around the world, through efficient and effective Supply Chain Management ( SCM )

Over the many years of operation, TPC has invested heavily in logistics information technology and introduced many supply chain solutions to serve our valued customers better and faster. Among them are :

In addition, with Singapore’s strategic location, pro business government, well-developed infrastructure ( world class port & road system, etc ) as well as our long & close working relationship with various logistics service providers ( warehouse operators, truckers, shipping lines, logistics IT service ), all these factors have ensured TPC’s global reach, efficient intermodal connectivity, seamless flow of information & physical goods to our valued customers.

Further, as a responsible global corporate citizen, TPC had over the years continuously strived to achieve Green Supply Chain meeting Global Environmental Sustainability through trucking efficiency and productivity ( double mounting of 20ft containers ); installation of energy saving lightings in its warehouse; use battery operated forklifts; effective use of recycling of packing materials and encouraging its contractors in using environmental friendly fuel meeting national and global standard.

To enhance global security, TPC also ensure all its export containers follow closely the Container Security ( CSI ) requirements.

Together with its well trained and many years of experience SCM Team, TPC is committed to ensure continue stable, efficient and timely distribution of quality products to all our valued customers in the region and around the world.