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Cosmoplene PP

COSMOPLENE® Polypropylene Block Copolymer

TPC's family of COSMOPLENE® PP block copolymer grades is designed to cover a wide range of applications.

From general consumer products and electrical appliances to more specific applications like automobile parts, TPC's range of PP block copolymer delivers superior performance that are able to fulfill customer needs in diverse segments. COSMOPLENE® PP block copolymer was chosen for its outstanding attributes:

COSMOPLENE® Polypropylene Homopolymer

TPC COSMOPLENE® Polypropylene Homopolymer products are specially designed and developed for a wide array of products and applications.

TPC's BOPP film grades are well known for its excellent high-speed processability and gauge control as well as enhanced performance features including high clarity, mechanical and barrier properties

TPC's cast film grades are widely used in single or complex multi-layer co-extrusion film structures exhibiting excellent film property balance and also good aluminum adhesiveness

In addition, our wide grade range also includes grades suitable in injection molding applications for general purpose commodity and household products; high speed yarn processing for yarn and monofilament applications..

COSMOPLENE® Polypropylene Random Copolymer

TPC COSMOPLENE® PP Random copolymer grades for extrusion processing are well known for its excellent processability, low neck in, stable edge stability and superior thickness control under high speed and high temperature extrusion lamination processes on various substrates including BOPP film, paper, woven cloth and PET. TPC COSMOPLENE® PP Random copolymer grades for extrusion processing shows excellent film properties including low sealing temperature, superior optical, bonding, barrier and mechanical properties

Besides extrusion coating, TPC COSMOPLENE® PP Random copolymer grades are also popular for use in baby feeding bottle and infusion bottle applications. It offers high clarity, good impact strength and excellent dimensional stability after sterilization.

COSMOPLENE® Polypropylene Terpolymer

TPC COSMOPLENE® Terpolymer grades cover wide range of film extrusion processing technologies, including cast film, BOPP, double bubble processes for various applications such as food packaging, overwrapping, cigarette/tobacco packaging, lamination and shrinkable films.

TPC COSMOPLENE® Terpolymer grades are specially developed for skin layers in co-extrusion processes which exhibit superior sealing behavior, excellent optical properties and also outstanding metal adhesiveness and barrier properties.